Stanford University Golf

"Chuck is really personable and fun. I love taking lessons with him because he always has a plan to prepare me both mentally and physically for competition. Chuck uses the latest technology and breaks down the complexities of my swing in a way that is easy for me to understand. He knows my swing and he's not about the fluff. He gets straight to the point and I think that's what makes him such a great coach."


Rollie Walker

Long Time Student

"Why have I been working with Chuck for so long? Because it's amazing how well he can keep coming up with new things to make me a better golfer. When I think he can't possibly make a new drill for me, he does. It's exciting. And it's the reason I never get tired of coming to the course and practicing with him."


Albert Samuelian

Vacation Golfer

"It was all about generating 'feel' for what I was doing. It felt great to know what my faults are and even better knowing that I can take the insight from my lesson with me when I go back to the range and take it to the course"