I am a believer in simplicity. In my opinion, simplicity starts with listening to the student. Too many teachers focus on teaching a golf swing instead of on what's really important, coaching. Throughout my years of coaching, I’ve learned to start every session by listening to the student’s needs, wants and goals. That is where we begin every session.

As far as golf instruction goes, we currently have more tools and resources than ever before.  With all the swing feedback we have access to, there is nothing more important than Mastering the Basics. I break down the importance of grip, posture, alignment, set-up, ball position and balance. These basics serve as the foundation for each lesson.  Building a foundation of strong fundamentals is the first building block for improvement. The simpler we can make things, the simpler golf becomes.

Modern golf technology serves as a tool for both learning and improvement. In my approach, I rely on two pieces of technology, V-1 video intergraded with Boditrak Pressure Mat. These softwares allow me to break your swing down piece by piece. The data we receive will tell us everything we need to know to get you swinging better. While this feedback is important for understanding your tendencies, simplicity remains the major focal point in my coaching.  

With the use of this technology in my sessions, it becomes easier to transition students from old movement patterns to new ones.  The new movement patterns aren’t always comfortable but they are critical if you want to see improvement in your game. Once you have captured the feel of a proper golf swing the game tends to get a lot easier.